westbury   Westbury  Westbury
 Type: Residential and Short Term  
 Location: Davenport   Built: 2001

 is a very quiet vacation rental community in the Orlando area. It’s conveniently located about a mile from the  I-4 exit. Although the neighborhood has transformed into mostly residential homes, there are still a few vacation homes .It is quiet, it is small and yet with a very central location it is a prime location to stay for your Orlando vacation.

There are no amenities in Westbury. But what you will get when you select this neighborhood is a close proximity to the Interstate, parks, and beaches. In addition, Posner Park, a shopping center with a Super Target, restaurants and various other shops is close enough you could walk over if you like.

 Westbury Westbury 
 Westbury  Westbury
 Westbury Westbury 
 Westbury Westbury 
 Westbury Westbury 

Roads and streets:

Fox Loop
Length: 0.36 miles
Directions: E-W, N-S, SE-NW, SW-NE
Highpoint Dr
Length: 0.32 miles
Directions: E-W, N-S, SE-NW
Kimberly Point Dr
Length: 0.04 miles
Direction: E-W

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