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Top 7 Places You Need to Eat in Florida in 2017

January 6th, 2017 11:36 AM by Karyn Smith

Top 7 Places You Need to Eat in Florida in 2017

By Henry Muggridge

Florida has a vast selection of ethnicities which creates for a melting pot of several different forms of delicious cuisine spread all over this lovely state. From Cuban subs in Miami to pho at Korea town in Orlando. The state offers such a vast array of different types, styles and just some down right cool places to eat, whether its over looking an ocean to a shake shack on the beach, to a vast selection of fine cut meats at a Brazilian steakhouse. Florida has it all to offer from fine dining to food trucks and in my opinion that is what makes it great, there are choices for everyone. So on this list ill take you through some of my favourite/coolest places to eat in 2017.

1. Versailles, Miami

Lets start off down south with a personal favourite, a place I always go to when I'm in Miami. Versailles combines all of my favourite things: Good portions, good prices and good food, all in a lovely setting. It doesn't hurt that they've been a Miami landmark for more than 40 years. They are famous for there Cuban sandwich, which I would highly recommend as a personal favourite.

2. Teak Neighborhood Grill, Orlando

Teak uses fresh, local and organic ingredients as often as possible. A specialty here is the Drunken Monk, a half-pound Angus beef burger topped with Angry Orchard onion jam, roasted cherry tomatoes, smoked bacon, herb Mayo, provolone cheese and chips topped with melted white cheddar cheese served on a pretzel bun. If that doesn't make your stomach growl, you're probably dead inside. Again another personal favourite and would highly recommend to anyone and its location is perfect as its situated by Universal Studios, so a great place to pop for dinner after a long day out having fun in the sun.

3. 4 Rivers Smokehouse, Orlando.

Florida hasn't always been as well known for its barbecue as other Southern states, but 4 Rivers just might change that. This place has been rapidly taking over Florida in the past few years, expanding from one man with a brisket obsession to several locations across the state. They serve all there meals on these cool trays with paper on top and then your sides and meat laid out nicely with a sort of at home BBQ vibe, I personally love it. The brisket that they serve is unreal to the point where they sell bumper stickers that are just simply I <3 and the 4rivers logo, they seem to be on every other car you see driving in Florida, proof they must be doing something right.

4. TacoLu, Jacksonville.

TacoLu isn't as old as some of the other restaurants on this list, but every North Florida foodie with a working taste palette would recommend it in a heartbeat. Not only is the food to die for, the place itself is really cool. They have big spray painted murals on the walls and a really cool back outside area equip with heat lamps just

incase it gets a tad chilly on those winter Florida nights. The only problem is its popularity, so plan your visit wisely as the queues speak to the quality and dining experience that awaits you inside.

5. Columbia Restaurant, Ybor City, Tampa.

This list would not be complete without Florida's oldest continuously operating restaurant. Columbia Restaurant in the historic neighborhood of Ybor City has been serving succulent Spanish and Cuban dishes since 1905. It has since branched out to Sarasota, St. Augustine, Clearwater Beach and Orlando, but nothing can replace a visit to the original. The inside of these takes you back to a finer era in dining. All the servers are dressed in what basically look like tuxes, the floors are tile and the room is scattered with interesting pictures and inside flowers giving you that authentic feeling that you are actually eating in a foreign country. I personally love the food here, they are famous for a salad called the 1905, its hands down one of my favourite meals and is always great for a group outing.

6. McGuire's Irish Pub, Pensacola

McGuire's not only serves up a mean steak in a unique atmosphere; they also make their own beer and boast one of the largest restaurant wine cellars in the world. Oh, and if you're looking for a place to be on St. Patrick's Day, this is it. They have tried and succeeded in recreating a pub like atmosphere from live music to football, rugby, tennis etc on the TVs. If you are visiting its a lovely little slice on home, the menu includes several authentic dishes including fry ups with black pudding and various things made using their home brewed beer.

7. Blue Heaven, Key West

Blue Heaven is an iconic beacon of Key West culture. It has a whimsical atmosphere with folk art, live music, lush foliage and cats and chickens roaming free. They also lay claim to the best Key lime pie on the planet. As this being one of my personal favourite deserts I can vouch that this is the hands down best key lime pie I've ever had, hands down. It may be last on the list but then they do say save the best for last.

I hope that this article was informative to the reader, and go out there and try some different things. There are so many other restaurants out there other than outback, sizzler, chills etc live a little and venture outside of your comfort zone, I promise you, you shall not be disappointed.

By Henry Muggridge. 

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Posted by Karyn Smith on January 6th, 2017 11:36 AM


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