If you've decided to sell your home, chances are you're caught up in a host of emotions. You may be parting with your dream vacation home or getting rid of a headache. You may be reluctant to leave your memories behind or eager to start new adventures. Whatever turbulent feelings you're experience right now, there are plenty of practical matters that need your attention.

I have up-to-date information on what is happening in the marketplace, and I will produce a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to help you better understand how to get to the "right price" to market your property. This will compare your property to others that have sold in your sub-division, and current homes that are for sale. These are the key factors in getting your property sold at the best price, quickly, and with a minimum of hassle. Please contact me and let me know that you'd like a CMA done for you.

These are just a few of the ways I leverage every opportunity to get your home the maximum attention and exposure it deserves when you are ready to sell. 

Marketing – The Difference Between For Sale & Sold.

I am a specialist in selling Florida STR Short Term Rental properties. This requires a different understanding then selling homes.

I can arrange for a visual tour of your property. Visual tours enable potential buyers to view the entire home from a 360 degree point of view from anywhere in the world, thus making it even easier for buyers to shop online 24 hours a day. I offer these FREE of charge and will increase your exposure on Realtor.com I advertise your property world wide, on www. Realtor.com, on our own website  on www.SearchFloridaHome.com  www.CelebrationAgent.com and on www.worldproperties.com This allows us to disburse information to many different markets.

Within days of listing your home  it will be marked worldwide on many websites, TV stations & Print Advertising. 

I will also market your property on the following web sites:



List kissimmee homeHow to Price Your Home

Question: How is a home's value determined?

Answer: You have several ways to determine the value of a home.
An appraisal is a professional estimate of a property's market value, based on recent sales of comparable properties, location, square footage and construction quality. This service varies in cost depending on the price of the home. On average, an appraisal costs about $300 for a $250,000 house. This is usually paid for by the buyer as their mortgage company will require one to make a loan. However if you want a really accurate one to help you set the price of your home, happy to arrange an appraisal for you.


Setting the Price

A key part of the marketing plan is setting the list price. If a home is priced too low, it may cost you money. If a home is priced too high, potential buyers may be scared away. To determine the best asking price review the cost of recently sold homes, evaluate the competition and study marketplace trends. CENTURY 21 Sales Associates are trained to use this information to help you reach the right asking price. It is also helpful to discuss other terms and conditions, such as timing and items that can be included with the sale of the home. Both of these can make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

An Explanation of a Comparative Market Analysis

The highest price estimated in terms of money which the property will bring when the property is exposed for sale in the open market by a willing seller, allowing time to find a willing buyer, neither buyer nor seller acting under compulsion, both having full knowledge of all the uses and purposes to which the property is adapted and for which is capable of being used.

This market value definition presupposes perfect knowledge on the part of the buyer and seller. Since this perfect world rarely exists, the cma estimate of price is generally indicated as a range. In evaluating your property I use many of the tools that a professional appraiser utilizes: comparable sales, competitive listings in escrow, square footage, location, amenities, and the general condition of the property.

When I compile a market analysis the enclosed data is researched from the reliable information currently available from the multiple listing (MLS). It does not reflect every property of comparable value for sale now, but does represent a good cross section of the competitive real estate inventory and recent sales. Please note that while none of the properties are exactly like yours, they do provide a good reference source in a comparative market analysis.

The estimated value range I give to your property does not mean that the sale of the property could not occur at a higher price. The price you ultimately receive, of course, will depend on your motivation, the motivation of the buyer, and market conditions at the time offers are received. Once we have tested the market at this price, we will make periodic reviews to ensure we remain competitive.

Other Suggestions on Helping To Sell

The short term rental home market is a specialist area that demands specialist experience. Most real estate brokers and agents work in the general residential market, and they are not aware of the particular needs of the rental home owner. It helps if you have ready to show a potential buyer;

1) A list of all the bookings and the dollar amount of what they are worth. What deposits are you holding ?

2) Any advertising that will pass to the buyer, websites, brochures etc.

Setting the Commission Rate To List Your Home For

When a buyer comes to a Realtors office and they want to see property in your sub division- the agent we will look it up on the MLS. If for example in your sub division there are 30 houses for sale all offering different commission splits to the agent who brings a buyer, then a buyers agent is going to show the houses that have the most commission split. Hopefully they would also show homes that fit your criteria that have a lower commission split (or they are not very honest !) but if they have say 10 out of the 30 homes that fit your criteria and 5 of them have a better split they obviously will show those first.

With the market being a buyers market at present it makes sense to stand out from the crowd by offering 4% (Total 7%)to the agent that brings a buyer. This means that your home will have a good chance of being seen I am doing well selling homes that have this incentive. If I sell your home then of course the total commission would be 6%.

Quote from Realtor.com

“The median home price for sellers who use an agent is 16.0 percent higher than a home sold directly by an owner; $230,000 vs. $198,200; there were no significant differences between the types of homes sold. “While many unrepresented sellers are motivated to save on paying a commission, we think the price difference speaks for itself,” Stevens said. “Owners without professional assistance also have problems in understanding and completing paperwork, prepping the home for sale, getting the right price and selling within the time planned.”

Survey data don’t explain the price difference, but Stevens offered some context. “Agents know best how to prepare a home and maximize value, agents provide broader exposure to the market and are more likely to generate multiple bids, and the portion of sales that are between private parties are likely to be at a lower price than those on the open market.”

Find Out Steps and Strategies for Successful Selling

Now it's time to get your home ready for the spotlight. Start with a good cleaning, then eliminate any clutter, add a fresh coat of paint and tidy up the yard. Talk to me about other tips that can help boost a home's curb appeal and impress potential buyers once they're in the door.Please watch our Video on "How To Stage Your Home"

Showing Your Home I cannot sell your home if I cannot show it, please bear this in mind when you give me your showing instructions. I use a separate lockbox from the one that you have on your home, this way there is always a key available to the agent that wants to show your home. In most instances I use an electronic lockbox which has to be opened with a special electronic key that registers which agent has been in the home, this is accessible to me through a website.

I do understand that with short term rental properties you have guests coming and going and in this circumstance we like the agent showing to knock on the door, if the home is vacant or the guests are out then the agent will show the home. If a guest answers the door we apologize and leave. As there are so many houses on the market if we don’t make the home easy to show other agents will not bother to include it when showing buyers.

Making the Deal

A buyer has made an offer - now it is time to negotiate. Rely on me to guide you through this process. I will help you arrive at an acceptable price, terms and conditions. Once you have accepted an offer, help keep the deal together by meeting deadlines and criteria, including home inspections, appropriate buyer visits, scheduled deposits and other steps. In fact, during this period there may be a renegotiation of the accepted offer price depending on the outcomes of these visits. As the closing nears, you may also need to perform repairs or do additional work to the house as agreed upon in your contract. In addition, you will need to have the house "broom clean" prior to the closing so that the buyer can complete a final walk through. When you finally arrive at the closing table, come prepared with the appropriate certificates and approvals as required by your town, county and state. Once the money has exchanged hands and all the papers signed it's time to hand over the keys and concentrate on your next big project - getting YOUR new home in order

When we receive an offer on your property, the buyers will ask for an amount in the contract that you will pay to fix any outstanding issues. This is normally between $500 -$1000. These are for repairs that a qualified inspector will make a report on (paid for by the buyer). If you feel there may be issues you can have them repaired prior to listing, at this point you can even do the repairs yourself. Once the property has been listed and you have agreed on a repair limit, the repairs must be done by a certified contractor and invoices supplied to the buyer

Do I Have To Be There When The Contracts Are Signed?

No all of this can be prepared in advance by the closing company and mailed to you in your country. You will need to identify certain professionals. You will also need to identify the nearest Fed Ex office/drop to your home and find a solicitor who offers a notary service.

IN The UK Notary in the UK: http://www.facultyoffice.org.uk/Notaries2.html


How Can I Transfer Money Back To My Country ?

It makes sense to maximize any opportunities to save money and one of the key ways to do this is the method you choose to exchange your dollars into sterling or the appropriate foreign currency. Currency dealers will usually offer a better rate of exchange than your bank. I have several companies I can suggest.

● What Do All These Terms Mean?

MLS - Multiple Listing Service


Multiple Listing System is a real estate listing service that combines the listings for all available properties in an area, except For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) properties, in one directory or database.  In general, MLS access is restricted to licensed real estate agents. Those agents pay a fee to view the listing database.The general public only gains access to a portion of the overall listing database via a portal or other website

The Contract When a contract is presented, I will discuss the merits of it with you. I can help you objectively evaluate every buyer’s proposal without compromising your marketing position. On acceptance we ask the purchaser to place a good faith binder deposit of $1000.00.

Escrow Also known as settlement or closing, is the process in which an escrow company, Title Company, or other third party overseas the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer. The third party agent holds and organizes any funds and documents until all the details of the transaction have been fulfilled. Escrow opens when good faith money (deposit) has been deposited into an escrow account along with the contract for sale and purchase signed by both seller and buyer. I will take care of this for you.

Inspections The buyer will probably be advised by their Realtor to have a home inspection. The Home Inspection is an unbiased, professional assessment of the condition of the house. It provides the buyer with an expert opinion and professional report on the condition of the physical structure and various systems within a house. The buyer pays for this.

Lawyers In the State of Florida, we do not generally use lawyers for Real Estate transactions. All the necessary documentation is typically taken care of by the Title Company; they are used to doing thousands of transactions, most of which are standard. However here at Century 21 we believe in going one step further and use The Law Office of L. Bruce Swiren, Bruce will handle your closing personally. When you list with Century 21, if you have any legal questions regarding the sale of your property, hopefully he will be able to answer them for you.

Title Insurance The Title Company will also be issuing the Title Insurance policy on your behalf. Traditionally the seller pays for the Title insurance. Most people will be unfamiliar with the concept of Title Insurance, but it is a system that has been in use in the States for years. It is to protect the buyer’s interest in your property from any claims against Title (the Deed of your property). If you purchased your property within the last two years it is possible you may be able to get a re issue rate on your title insurance, please find your title insurance and check with Bruce Swiren.

HUD1 Settlement Statement, is a summary of all the financial aspects of closing. The statement, which should be available to the buyer and seller, and their representatives, a couple of days ahead of the closing date, is in a standardised format.

Sellers Disclosure - a standard form that allows the seller to provide the buyer with basic information about the home and its services.

● How Much Will It Cost To Sell My Home ?

Bruce Swiren will also be happy to give you an estimate of your closing costs based on the selling price just e-mail to ask for our closing company number and e-mail.

The Costs Involved 

The fees below will be deducted from the proceeds of your sale after your mortgage has been satisfied. This will be done on your behalf by our Title Company. If you need any of these figures explained in depth, please ask. 

Document Stamp

The State will charge you .070 cents per $100.00


The price of the house $_______ divided by 100 x .070 cents

                            = $_______ Documents Stamp

Title Insurance

For the first $100,00.00 you will pay a flat fee of $575.00

The price of the house$_____________ X .00525 = Title Insurance


Other Fees Settlement Fees, Abstract and/or Title search, Courier Fees, Title Examination, Wire Transfer and Recording Fees will come out between $300 and $500 depending on the Title Company that is used.

You may also wish to consider any outstanding bills you may have for: Home Owners Associations, any back taxes on Tangible or Real Property and any back mortgage payments.

Shortly before the closing date you will be given a HUD1 Settlement Statement to examine. This contains all the calculations that were used to produce the 'bottom line' - the amount due from the buyer at closing, and the amount due to the seller at closing.

●What Are the Tax Implications of Selling a Home?

Selling a home can have a major impact on your federal and state tax returns. Check with your tax consultant on the factors that may affect taxes resulting from the sale of your home.

Whether you purchased the home or acquired it by gift or inheritance. Whether you used your home partly for business or rental. Costs associated with selling your home. Home improvements or additions, which may help to offset capital gains. 

Gain from the sale of a prior home on which tax was postponed prior to the enactment of the federal Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. The federal Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 says when you sell your home you can keep, tax free, capital gains of up to $500,000 if you are married filing jointly or $250,000 for single taxpayers or married taxpayers who file separately. To qualify for the exclusion, you must have used the home as your principle residence for at least two of the prior five years. It is not one time tax exclusion. You can use the exclusion as often as you meet the qualifications. 

The federal Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998 further clarified the law and says you can prorate the $500,000/$250,000 exclusion (not your specific gain) if unforeseen events, such as a job change, illness, or some other hardship forced you to sell before you meet the two-year residency requirement.  

Many, but not all federal tax benefits are also available from state tax departments. Be sure to discuss your move with a tax professional familiar with state tax rules, especially if you are moving from one state to another. 

Internal Revenue Service United States Department of the Treasury


Click Here for Information on Capital Gains  

Withholding Tax (FRIPTA)

 After closing, the seller receives the balance of funds as set out in the HUD1 Settlement Statement. A part of these funds, representing 10% of the sale price, may be kept back as withholding tax if the seller is a foreign national. This is required by the IRS to ensure that all outstanding tax bills are paid before the seller is no longer within their jurisdication.

This tax is either retained by the closing agent or sent to the IRS. When the IRS has established any residual tax liability of the seller the IRS will either refund the net amount withheld or issue instructions to the closing agent to refund the net amount.

The process is quicker when funds are held by the title company, but this is only permitted when all appropriate documentation is filed before closing.

The seller should consult with his CPA (accountant) as early as possible in the sale to make sure this is done, and both the seller's and the buyer's agents should make sure that the necessary information about their clients' status is made available promptly to assist in the prompt filing of the appropriate IRS forms.

 How Does an Appraisal Work?

Myths and Facts about Appraisals:
Consumers tend to have some misconceptions about the appraisal process.

If you've ever watched "Antiques Roadshow", you're already familiar with the concept of an appraisal. The idea is similar in the realm of real estate valuations. Each property is unique, and the appraiser relies on his or her general expertise and specific research to arrive at an opinion of value. Appraisals are an infrequent experience for most consumers, who consequently tend to have some misconceptions about the process and the results. Here are some myths and facts

Myth: The primary purpose of an appraisal is to make sure the buyer doesn't pay too much for the house.

Fact: An appraisal provides valuable information for the buyer and the seller, but the appraiser's primary mission is to protect the lender. Lenders don't enjoy owning overpriced property any more than they relish lending money to irresponsible borrowers. That's why the appraisal takes place before the lender grants final approval of the buyer's loan.

Myth: Appraisers use a specific formula (e.g., price per square foot) to figure out exactly how much each home is worth.

Fact: Appraisers weigh the location of the home, its proximity to desirable schools and other public facilities, the size of the lot, the size and condition of the home itself and recent sales prices of comparable properties, among other factors.

Myth: Good housekeeping can improve a home's valuation.

Fact: Appraisers aren't interested in dirty dishes or dusty dressers, but they do notice such signs of neglect as cracked walls, chipped paint, broken windows, torn carpets, damaging flooring and inoperable appliances.

Myth: Anyone who has a clipboard and business cards can be an appraiser.

Fact: Federal law requires states to establish minimum standards and licensing practices for real estate appraisers.

Myth: Appraisers have no obligation to reveal home defects to buyers.

Fact: If the buyer is applying for a mortgage that will be insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), the appraiser must survey the physical condition of the home and disclose potential problems to the buyer. No such obligation exists for non-FHA mortgages.

Myth: An appraisal is identical to a home inspection.

Fact: The new FHA disclosure requirement notwithstanding, an appraisal isn't a substitute for a professional home inspection. The appraiser formulates an opinion of the property's value for the lender, while the inspector educates the buyer about the condition of the home and its major components.

How Do You Choose A Realtor ?

In Florida all Realtors ® are licensed by the State of Florida and it is a 3rd degree felony to practice real estate without a license. To obtain a Realtor’s license it is necessary to attend Real Estate School and pass the schools exam followed by a very rigorous State exam. This license has to be renewed every 2 years – this ensures your Realtor is up to date with current laws and practices.


Once you have joined the Board of Realtors® you are able to access the Multiple Listing System (MLS). This is a web-based system that lists nearly ALL properties currently for sale in Florida. All Realtors have access to the same properties therefore unlike in the UK you only have to deal with one Realtor (me of course!!). You should find a Realtor that you feel you trust and can work with to sell your home. Ask your Realtor what extra exams they have taken to make them more knowledgeable.


Why Choose a REALTOR® With a GRI Designation


Selling property is a complex and stressful task. At the same time, real estate transactions have become increasingly complicated. New technology, laws, procedures, and the increasing sophistication of buyers and sellers require real estate practitioners to perform at an ever-increasing level of professionalism. So it's more important than ever that you work with an agent who has a keen understanding of the real estate business. The GRI program has helped the best and the brightest in the industry achieve that level of understanding.

GRIs are: Nationally recognized as top performers in the real estate industry

Professionally trained - Knowledgeable - Dedicated to bringing you quality service

A GRI can make a difference. When you see the letters "GRI" after an agent's name, you can count on receiving the knowledge and guidance you need to make your transaction go smoothly. In short, you can count on getting the best service available from a real estate professional.

Why Choose a REALTOR® With an ABR Designation?

ABR" stands for "Accredited Buyer Representative." The ABR designation reassures extensive classroom training, a formidable written examination, and substantial experience in buyer representation. An agent with the ABR designation is fully committed to the real estate buyer, and has specialized training in understanding buyers' needs and representing them in the negotiation process.

The ABR designation is administered by the Real Estate BUYER'S AGENT Council (REBAC) which is a part of The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS .

Why Choose A Broker Rather than an Agent ?

Brokers are more experienced, we have more training, more education so we are more resourceful. I am always on a search for excellence; I look for new ways to do business, never satisfied with the "we've always done it that way" mentality. I Work Hard

I am a highly professional individual offering a wealth of knowledge and experience in the real estate industry. I am decisive and goal oriented, I set realistic priorities. I have years of experience successfully buying and selling homes in the local market, I own and invest myself. People don't talk about it a lot, but finding the right real estate agent can be the difference between a happy, stress-free home buying or selling experience, and an unhappy, stressful experience.

Understanding How Realtors Get Paid  

In all Real Estate transactions there is a listing Real Estate Company and a selling Real Estate Company. All commission money at closing of a Real Estate transaction is paid to the listing Real Estate Company and disbursed by the Listing Company Broker. The amount or percentage of commission for the sale of the property is set by the listing broker (with the approval of the home owner or seller) and published in the MLS along with the listing. The commission split between the selling broker and listing broker is also determined by the listing broker but generally the listing broker keeps 50% of the commission and pays the selling broker 50% of the commission.

After the commission money is received by the Listing and Selling Brokers, they in turn pay the sales agents involved in the transaction. The amount that the sales agent receives is determined by the employment contract the sales agent has with the Real Estate Company. Real Estate Agents are independent contractors and receive no other financial benefit other than the sales commission.


Characteristics of a Good Listing Agent

     Experience. Let new agents learn the business on somebody else's dime.

Ask about degrees and certifications.

Trust your intuition. Your agent should speak from the heart.

. This is a people business. Some homes sell because agents have contacted other agents.

Negotiation skills. You want an aggressive negotiator, not somebody out to make a quick sale at your expense.

Good communicator.


If you have any questions at all I would be delighted to answer them for you.

I owned, managed and sold two short-term rental properties whilst living in the Uk so I do feel I am able to share my experience with you. I promise to work hard on your behalf. I currently manage 35 properties Long Term 

Don't you deserve the best?

Karyn Smith Broker Associate GRI . ALHS. ABR.

CELL PHONE: 321 939 7671 

 the above information is not an attorney, accountant or governmental representative. The information herein contained is not comprehensive, nor is it intended as a substitute for legal, accounting or immigration advice from duly licensed or otherwise




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